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Rescue Buck

The Rescue Buck now comes packed with Buckinghams Harness/Belt Combo for the Rescue Buck. The Rescue Buck is ideal for aerial rescue training, made of heavy cordura nylon, individual compartments can be filled with buckmix to desired weight. Nylon retention straps are sewn to mid section to prevent body belt (requires a D24 sized body belt) from sliding. 5' 6" H.

Harness/Belt Combo

This harness/belt combination was designed for use with Rescue Buck (P/N: 694) or Rescue Randy (P/N: 6933-165) and allows for pole-top rescue (hip D-rings) or tower rescue (dorsal D-ring) to be performed during training. The built-in leg straps are designed to prevent the mannequin from slipping out of the belt. The harness/belt combination will fit Rescue Buck and all sizes of Rescue Randy. This is the same harness used in the Hurtman Rescue event at the Annual International Lineman’s Rodeo.

Three bags of Rescue Buck Fill come with order at 55 lbs. each

To order Harness/Belt for the Rescue Buck, use part number: 38523Q9-M

To order additional Rescue Buck Fill, use part number 684F1

Product Specifications

Product Number: 694
Product Name: Rescue Buck
Length: 5'6"
Weight: *Can be filled to desired weight
Material: Heavy Cordura Nylon
Number of Compartments: 8
Retention Straps: Yes
Retention Strap Material: Nylon
Body Belt: *Requires a D24 sized body belt
Made in USA?: Yes

Product Specifications

Model Number: 38523Q9-M
Product Name: Harness/Belt Combo for Rescue Buck or Randy
Buckle Type: Tongue Buckle
Buckle Material: Steel
Number of D-rings: 2
Dee Ring Material: Steel
Belt Strap Material: Nylon
Accessory Snap / Ring: No
Tape Thong: No
Removeable Belt Strap: No
Full Floating D-rings: No
Tool Loops: No
Pouch Tabs: No
Thread / Stitching: Nylon
Material: Nylon
Chest Strap: Hook & Loop Fastener
Leg Strap: Grommet
Torso Adjustment: Yes
Dorsal Attachment: Steel Dee
Shoulder / Leg Pads: No
Harness Type: 'H'
Product Type: Rescue Training
Weight: 5 lbs.
Standards: n/a
Made in USA? YES

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –