OX BLOCK™ with Adjustable Sling & Carabiner - 50061A-4

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An OX BLOCK™ that features a 4′ x 5/8” adjustable sling and steel carabiner.

Product Specifications

Product Number: 50061A-4
Material: Polyester Rope, Aluminum OX Block (50061), Alloy Steel Snap (5005S3)
Length: 4' ft. Sling (Rope), 8.27" inch OX Block (50061), 4.68" in. snap (5005S3)
Width: 5/8" in. Rope, 1.99" inch OX Block (50061), 3.07" inch snap (5005S3)
Weight Rating: 5000 lbs
Weight: 4.25 lbs
Breaking Strength: Snap (5005S3)- MBS 11,240lbs (50KN), OX Block (50061)- MBS (Sheave to eye)- 10,000lbf/MBS (Hook to eye)- 6,000lbf. WLL-50061A-4 (Sling Only)- Straight- 3,200 lbs, Choker- 2,560 lbs, Basket- 6,400lbs.
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Made In USA: Yes