Mini Storage Mug - 45605Y-6

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A molded plastic bottomed mini storage mug that has a 1/8″ steel ring for attachment to a climbing saddle. Has a drawstring closure with a web loop on the inside for tying off throw lines.

Product Specifications

Product Number: 45605Y-6
Product Name: Mini Storage Mug
Length: 7"
Diameter: 5"
Weight: 0.24 lbs.
Number of Pockets: 0
Outside Pockets: 0
Inside Pockets: 0
Pocket Material: N/A
Material: Nylon Coated Vinyl / Cordura
2 Way Snap: No
Rain Flap: No
Back Straps / Shoulder Straps: No
Closure Tab: Drawstring Closure
Bottom Material: Nylon Coated Vinyl
Bottom Drainage Holes: No
Wheels: No
Magnet: No
Attachment Type: 1/8" Steel Ring
Bucket Hooks Included: No
Bucket Hook Model: N/A
Made in USA?: Yes
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –