BuckTube™ Rope Bag - 4369B3

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The BuckTube™ Rope bag is ultra light and made of 44 oz Vinyl while the seams are double reinforced with MOLLE webbing for easier position changes of elastic straps. Two 2″ elastic straps for easy fastening of bag to users leg regardless of size or shape. A zippered expansion sleeve and reinforced sides allow for easy stuffing of climbing line. A large bottom grommet allows both ends of rope to be utilized during rescue or operations. Drawstring closure skirt closure allows for easy deployment and storage while aloft. Can be worn in various ways such as attachment to leg or to the saddle [require 2 carabiners]. Holds 150′ of 11mm line such as Velocity, Blaze or Tachyon and 120′ of 1/2″ High Vee or Blue Streak.

Product Specifications

Product Number: 4369B3
Height: 21.5"
Width: 10"
Depth: 20"
Diameter: 6"
Weight: 2 lbs
Number of Pockets: 0
Outside Pockets: 0
Inside Pockets: 0
Material: Vinyl
2 Way Snap: No
Rain Flap: No
Back Straps / Shoulder Straps: No
Closure Type: Drawstring
Bottom Material: Vinyl
Leg Strap Attachments: Yes
Leg Strap Material: Elastic with QC Buckle
Wheels: No
Magnet: No
Attachment Type: Leg Strap
Bucket Hooks Included: No
Bucket Hooks Model: N/A
Standards: N/A
Made In USA: Yes