Aerial Tool Apron With Magnetic Strip - 4500YG9M2

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Buckingham’s Aerial Tool Apron 4500YM2 is now available in the popular Hi-Vis green color. This heavy vinyl aerial basket tool apron has sewn in pockets through two layers of vinyl coated nylon plus one layer of heavy canvas.

  • Two large 3/4″ grommets reinforced with PVC rods that suspends the apron from the bucket using Buckingham PVC or polymer hooks.
  • 8” magnetic strip that allows the lineman to store loose hardware and easily access it when required.
  • Has a sewn in stiffener and 2 pocket holsters.
  • A hammer loop and a PVC cap bottom.
  • Features 2 nut and bolt bags.
  • 11 socket pockets.
  • 2 PVC pipe inserts for auger bit holders.
*Hooks are not included.
*Make sure to check out the assortment of Bucket Hooks available at Buckingham.

Product Specifications

Product Number: 4500YG9M2
Height: 23"
Width: 25"
Depth: N/A
Weight: 4.5 lbs.
Number of Pockets: 13
Number of Small Pockets: 11
Number of Large Pockets: 2
Pole/PVC Lined Pockets: 2
Web Tool Loop: 2
Material: Vinyl
Tape Thong: No
2-Way Snap: Yes
Rain Flap: No
Back Straps/Shoulder Straps: No
Closure Tab: N/A
Bottom Material: Vinyl
Wheels: No
Magnet: Yes
Attachment Type: Bucket Hooks
Bucket Hooks Included: No
Bucket Hook Model: N/A
Standards: No
Made in USA?: Yes
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –